The Future Internet Research Group is of the network research center in the Institute of Computing Technology (ICT), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). We are interested in various aspects of future Internet, with emphasis on the future Internet architecture, the programmable virtual router and the testbed for future Internet innovations.

  • SDN/NFV System.We have explored thoroughly packet processing algorithms and implementation mechanism including I/O, memory management, virtualization, multi-core, and heterogeneous hardware, to enable efficient and flexible data path. The operation system with innovative orchestration, resource management, flow migration framework has been proposed to enable dynamical scale-in and scale-out for service function chains both for functions and performance. With these research results, the NFV (Network Functions Virtualization) platform is developed on heterogeneous processors to flexibly provide the high performance security service (IDS, Firewall, etc.) for Multi-Tenants.
  • Future Internet Architecture. We have proposed a Service-Oriented Future Internet Architecture.It naturally benefits the mobility support, security and network-friendly applications. We have built prototypes of both SOFIA router and end-host stack, deployed it on the small-scale future network testbed and demonstrated its advantage on accelerating data distribution, supporting mobility, etc.
  • Testbed for Internet Innovation. This testbed is used to test and verify new protocols and algorithms, which is fundamental for Internet innovation. The testbed is open, easy for programming and able to keep isolation of slices. We have built a nation-wide future network testbed infrastructure which contains 40+ nodes in more than 10 cities.