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Guangxing Zhang
Associate Professor(Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Address:No.6 South Road, Kexueyuan, Zhongguancun, Beijing, 100190, P.R. China

Brief Biography

Guangxing Zhang,PhD and Research Assistant of the Institute of Computing Technology, CAS. His main research interests include network measurement and traffic analysis, traffic management and control, etc.

Recent Publications

  • Haiyang Jiang, Guangxing Zhang, Gaogang Xie, Kavé Salamatian and Laurent Mathy. Scalable High-Performance Parallel Design for Network Intrusion Detection Systems on Many-Core Processors. ACM/IEEE Symposium on Architectures for Networking and Communications Systems (ANCS), USA, 2013
  • Qiong Rong, Guangxing Zhang, Gaogang Xie, Kavé Salamatian. Mnemonic Lossy Counting: An Efficient and Accurate Heavy-hitters Identification Algorithm, IEEE IPCCC, 2010.
  • Guangxing Zhang, Gaogang Xie, Jianhua Yang, Yinhua Min, Zhaomin Zhou, Xiaodong Duan. Accurate Online Traffic Classification with Multi-phases Identification Methodology. IEEE Consumer Communications and Networking Conference, 2008.
  • Gaogang Xie, Tingting He, Guangxing Zhang. Rogue Access Point Detection Using Segmental TCP Jitter. International World Wide Web Conference Poster, 2008.
  • Dan Wang, Gaogang Xie, Jianhua Yang, Guangxing Zhang, Zhenyu Li. An Improved Adaptive Sampling Method for Traffic Measurement. Journal of Computer Research and Development, 2007, 44(8): 1339-1347.(in Chinese)
  • Guangxing Zhang, Dafang Zhang, Gaogang Xie, Jianhua Yang. Internet Traffic Measurement and Characteristic Analysis on Output Link of Metro Area Network. Acta Electronica Sinica, 2007, 35(11): 2092-2097.(in Chinese)
  • Guangxing Zhang, Gaogang Xie, Jianhua Yang, Dunxing Zhang, Dafang Zhang. Self Similarity Characterization in Metro Area Network. IEEE Workshop on LAN/WAN, 2007.