Haiyang Jiang

Haiyang Jiang

Tel: +86-10-6260-0709


  • 09/2009 - Present:Institute of Computing Technology (ICT), Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ph.D. candidate in Computer Architecture
  • 9/2004 - 07/2007:Beijing University of Post and Telecommunications (BUPT), MS in Broadband Communication Networks
  • 09/2000- 07/2004:BUPT, BS in Communication Engineering

Work Experience

  • 09/2007 - 07/2009 Software engineer in EverBright Innovation Co. Ltd. Designed and developed the network intrusion system with net accelerate cards based on multi-process and multi-thread.

Research Interests
High Performance of IDS:

  • New parallel models
  • Advanced algorithms like variable DFAs and NFAs
  • The relationship among the rules in the IDS, and how to use the relationship to accelerate the performance of IDS

The accuracy and effectiveness of the IDS, especially how to combat with the more and more sophistical DDOS from botnet

Professional Abilities

  • Programming experience with C/C++
  • Familiar with Linux Networking Parallel Software development
  • Linux kernel environment software development
  • Excellent understanding of data structure and algorithm
  • Proficient in network technology : TCP/IP suites, switch, route (BGP,OSPF, RIP),MPLS
  • Familiar with Spirent’s Testcenter, Avalanche and Anristu MD1230 series testing equipment

Project and Research Experience

2009.6-present (Research on the performance of parallel IDS with different parallel strategies )

  • Designed an IDS parallel model adopting software pipeline.
  • Developed parallel Snort based on the parallel model. A series experiments were done on the testbed to evaluate the model.
  • An experiment about another parallel model which divides the classical IDS rules into several pieces to achieve an excellent parallel performance is ongoing.//

2006.2-2007.4 (Service-oriented Optical Burst Switching (OBS) System Research - National Hi-Tech R&D Project (863))

  • Led the R&D team with 12 members
  • Designed the OBS core node architecture, signalling scheme (RSVP), routing scheme (OSPF) and network management system (SNMP)
  • Conducted the implementation of routing protocol, signalling protocol and SNMP Agent in the embedded chip (Motorola Cold Fire 5249) with uCLinux system.
  • Led the joint debugging of OBS networks with 4 core nodes and 3 edge nodes.//

2005.2-2005.12 (IP over WDM Dynamic Adaptation Technology: Research and Application - National Hi-Tech R&D Project (863))

  • Designed and developed the control unit and SNMP Agent in the embedded chip (Motorola ColdFire 5249) with uClinux system

Scholarships& Honors

  • Excellent Students Leader of BUPT (2005)
  • Third-level Prize Scholarship of BUPT (2003&2004)
  • Publish two paper “Experimental investigation on aggregation amplification of TCP throughput in OBS mesh network testbed” and “Comparison of EDC-TX and EDC-RX performance with different pulse formats in optical system at 10G b/s” in “Asia Pacific Optical Communications 2007”

Social Activity

  • Monitor of class (2000-2003)
  • Assistant of dean (2004-2006)

English Skills

  • CET6
  • Extensive reading of English materials( papers, standards, datasheets) and writing of English documents and project reports


  • Great sense of responsibilities and teamwork spirit
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills