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Hongtao Guan
Associate Professor(Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Address:No.6 South Road, Kexueyuan, Zhongguancun, Beijing, 100190, P.R. China
Phone: +86-10-62600709

Brief Biography

Hongtao Guan is currently an associate professor of ICT, CAS. His research interests include visualization technology of computer network and router. Guan studied computer science at Tsinghua University from 1999 to 2010 and obtained BE and PhD degrees. His research on buffered crossbar switch had been published on IEEE/ACM Trans on Networking. Dr. Guan had taken apart the project of BW12000 during 2002 to 2005, the first IPv6 core router in China. The programmable virtual router platform that he has built is a key component for the experimental testbed for future Internet protocols.

Recent Publications


  • Gaogang Xie, Peng He, Hongtao Guan, Zhenyu Li, Yingke Xie, Layong Luo, Jianhua Zhang, Yonggong Wang, and Kave Salamatian, PEARL: A Programmable Virtual Router Platform, IEEE Communication Magazine, Special Issue on Future Internet Architectures: Design and Deployment Perspectives,July, 2011


  • Hongtao Guan, Dong Wang, Youjian Zhao, Jianping Wu. Study on Router Buffer Size with NewReno Congestion Control Method. ACTA ELECTRONICA SINICA 2009. 37(7): p.1440-1446 (in Chinese)
  • Hongtao Guan, Jianping Wu, Youjian Zhao. Scheduling Scheme in Smoothed Switching Fabric with Multiple Class Services Supported. Journal of Chinese Computer Systems. 2009.30(11):p.2113-2117(in Chinese)


  • Si-Min He, Shu-Tao Sun, Hong-Tao Guan, Qiang Zheng, You-Jian Zhao, Wen Gao. On Guaranteed Smooth Switching for Buffered Crossbar Switches. IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, 2008. 16(3): p. 718-731.
  • Hongtao Guan, Jianping Wu, Youjian Zhao, Zhenhua Liu, Xiaoping Zhang. High Speed Self-study Packet Classification Method for Traffic Measurement on IP Backbone. In Proceedings of China-Ireland International Conference on Information and Communications Technologies (CIICT 2008).
  • Zhenhua Liu, Xiaoping Zhang, Youjian Zhao, Hongtao Guan. An Asymptotically Minimal Node-degree Topology for Load-Balanced Architectures. Globecom 2008 p2360-2365.
  • Xiaoping Zhang, Zhenhua Liu, Youjian Zhao, Hongtao Guan. Scalable Router. Journal of Software. Vol. 19, no. 6, pp. 1452-1464. June 2008(in Chinese)


  • Hongtao Guan, Youjian Zhao, Jianping Wu, Xiaoping Zhang, Zhenhua Liu. Packetized Smooth Switching for Buffered Crossbar Switches. In Proceedings of the 19th IASTED International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing and Systems (PDCS 2007).