An overview of the SOFIA architecture will be presented in IEEE Network in May

Qinghua Wu, Zhenyu Li, Jianer Zhou, Heng Jiang, Zhiyang Hu, Yunjie Liu, Gaogang Xie, SOFIA: towards Service-oriented Information Centric Networking. IEEE Network, Special Issue on Information-Centric Networking Beyond Baseline Scenarios: Research Advances and Implementation, May 2014 PDF


This paper presents SOFIA, a service-oriented information centric networking (ICN) architecture. SOFIA is designed by exploring the design space between host abstraction and content abstraction. It can facilitate ICN to easily support various applications beyond content retrieval. SOFIA decouples the flexible service processing and the efficient data transmission into two stack layers: service layer and network layer. Service requesting is driven by service name and processed by intermediate routers according to processing rules at the service layer. Applications build on service layer and manipulate information over service sessions. A service session could further map to multiple service connections for flexibility and high throughput. We also detail three important communication types enabled by SOFIA. Finally, we implement SOFIA stack based on Click modular router and develop a few applications.