Congratulations to Prof Kave Salamatian for CAS Visiting Professorship for Senior International Scientists

Prof. Kave Salamatian from université de Savoie was currently entitled Chinese Academy of Sciences Visiting Professorship for Senior International Scientists. Congrats Prof. Salamatian! Prof. Salamatian and Prof. Gaogang Xie have recently got a NSFC-ANR co-funded grant on parallel flow recognition with multi-core processors.

Prof. Kave Salamatian is a professor at University of Savoie. His main areas of researches are Internet measurement and modeling and networking information theory. He was previously reader at Lancaster University, UK and associate professor at University Pierre et Marie Curie. Kavé has graduated in 1998 from Paris SUD-Orsay university where he worked on joint source channel coding applied to multimedia transmission over Internet for his PhD. In a former life, he graduated with a MBA, and worked on market floor as a risk analyst and on enjoyed being an urban traffic modeler for some years. He is working these days on figuring out if networking is a science or just a hobby and if it is a science what are its fundamentals. He has published a number of papers in top conferences/journals, including SGICOMM, SIGMETRICS, IMC, etc.